Response to the publication of the review of recruitment to specialty training best for male power.

Committee, response to the publication of the review of recruitment to specialty training, Northern IrelandThe British Medical Association in Northern Ireland publication by the publication by the DHSSPS of ‘ The Review of Recruitment into specialist training in Northern Ireland best for male power . Chairman of the BMA’s Junior Doctors Committee, NI Dr. Rajesh Rajendran said, NIJDC is happy that his involvement with the review group set a foundation for the recruitment of doctors here in 2008 We are pleased to NI Health Minister Michael McGimpsey MLA, has our recommendations accepted as part of the review process We are now converted to the changes in the format of applications and personnel planning.

In association chairman, Brian Patterson, BMAd the NI Health Minister prompt consent. The recommendations in the junior doctors ‘ recruitment He review said: ‘This is to ensure that appropriate interview and appeals in a timely manner for the for the 2008/09. BMA has been closely involved in the rescue of the defective system in recent years and worked very hard with the Chief Medical Officer and DHSSPS officials to try and organize last year’s debacle. Hopefully no repeat of the rescue exercise in the coming year will be needed.

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[ Iii] Walsh TJ, Teppler HT, Donowitz GR , et al. Caspofungin to liposomal amphotericin Bfor empirical antimycotic therapy for patients with persistent fever and neutropaenia. 2004, 351:1391-1402.