Said Dr Bickford.

‘We think UCBCs may have a similar potential to reduce inflammation and some of the lost capacity increase restore stem cells / progenitor cells and differentiate into neurons,’said Dr Bickford.

We have shown that injections by UCBCs can reduce neuroinflammation says co – author Paul R. Sanberg, DDSC director of the Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair. Our findings raise the possibility that a cell therapy could be an effective approach to improving the microenvironment of the aged brain and restoring some lost capacity. .

The study found that the number of proliferative cells continued within 24 hours following the UCBC injections into the aged laboratory rats and increases the increased cell proliferation at least 15 days after a single treatment.For the second part the study, reiterated Natalie Tronson, a postdoctoral fellow in the which Radulovic Dunbar Laboratory for Research into Memory and scared, and Radulovic injected both stressful experiences with to the mice but you have with a MPEP describes and MTEP 5 hours after the immobilisation. This time the mice were are no developing an exaggerated anxiety reactions and froze for just 50 % time. ‘The mouse anxiety reactions were completely normal,’Radulovic said. Stressful events. The incriminating event cause extreme reactions do not view more which means we might acute suspended a preventive concept of heavy severe stressful events. ‘.

However proved to be a effective in combating Cardiovascular Disease.

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