He has taught medication and individual genetics at the University of Pennsylvania, where he directed the medical college course in human genetics; the National Human Genome Analysis Institute, where he offered as medical director of the Johns Hopkins-National Institutes of Wellness Genetic Counseling TRAINING CURRICULUM; and UCSF, where he co-directed the genetics teaching in the preclinical curriculum. He also co-developed a publicly available online program on genomics for medical professionals, which reached over 20,000 viewers world-wide in 2013-2014.We used a subclinical phenotype, valvular calcium detected by way of CT scanning, instead of clinically defined valvular disease, for our discovery genomewide association study. Aortic-valve calcification represents an early protophenotype for subsequent aortic-valve disease.g., calcification) rather than clinical diagnosis may enhance the recognition of genetic signals.22 This method has been used to recognize nongenetic correlates of aortic-valve calcification in both the FHS and the MESA.23,24 We replicated the rs10455872 association in a cohort with clinical aortic stenosis, supporting this plan of determining genetic signals for scientific disease thus.