Says a new study in the 9th December issue of Science.

Decision in Bee Swarms Mimic neurons in the human brainby swarms of bees and brain neurons decisions with strikingly similar mechanisms, says a new study in the 9th December issue of Science. – In previous work, Cornell University biologist Thomas Seeley clarified how scout bees in a honeybee swarm ‘waggle dances ‘to prompt other scout bees, a promising site that has been found to perform inspect. – In the new study, a professor of neurobiology and behavior, reports with five colleagues in the United States and the United Kingdom that scout bees also inhibitory ‘stop signals ‘ – delivered a short buzz with a head butt to the dancers – the waggle dances of scouts advertising competing sites inhibit production.

‘The brain is a similar cross inhibitory signaling between neurons in the decision-making process has circuits. ‘ Co-authors Patrick Hogan and James Marshall of the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom examines the impact of bees ‘ cross – inhibitory signaling by modeling their collective decision-making process, the analysis showed that stop signaling bee deadlocks between two equally good locations. Break and to avoid costly dithering helps.

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