Searching for Leadership: Best Practices for Academic Institutions.

AAHC releases new source to guide academic leadership recruitment and search process A new resource designed to help the academic leadership search and recruitment process, Searching for Leadership: Best Practices for Academic Institutions, has been released by the Association of Academic Health Centers . The guideline concisely illustrates the techniques essential to increase the prospect of an effective choice through a organized search procedure that speaks to the ideals and needs of every institution viagra pfizer . Developed with the guidance and insight of academic leaders and leading search firm executives, this resource presents a clear and efficient approach to finding the ‘right’ candidate by wearing down the search process into three coordinated phases in addition to providing detailed guidelines for those involved in the search process.

It is created by These characteristics easy for them to end up being incorporated into multidisciplinary healthcare teams. Last year, ACP published a policy monograph on the part of nurse practitioners in primary treatment. It addressed the physician of nursing degree and the part of NPs in the patient-centered medical house. ACP recognized the unique complementary care that physician assistants provide in principal care practices as part of a physician-directed team and felt strongly a paper focusing solely on doctor assistants in primary care was also warranted, observed ACP President J. Fred Ralston, Jr., MD, FACP. Similar to the relationship that doctor assistants and primary care physicians enjoy in healthcare delivery, this paper is a joint work of the American Academy of Physician Assistants and the American College of Physicians.