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Cause mental problems such as depression and dementia, such as. Much suffering as common diseases such as heart disease and cancer, and we urgently need more researchers to identify fundamental disease mechanisms and develop the treatments of the future .. SourcePresidio Pharmaceuticals,Geriatic pyschiatry grant recognizes growing mental health needs of seniorsThe National Institute of Mental Health has a $ 984,000 grant to the University of Rochester Medical Center in order to support the training of physician scientists for research careers in geriatric mental health. America is getting older, at least one third of older people suffering from a mental disorder, and yet we have a critical nationwide shortage of researchers trained in geriatric mental health, said Jeffrey M.

Presidio has about $ 27 million financing financing from Panorama Capital, Baker Brothers Investments, Bay City Capital, ventures West Pharmaceuticalsartners and Sagamore BioVentures LLC lifted. For more information, please visit our website at.

Pharmaceuticals,ceuticals, data on its lead hepatitis C virus NS5A inhibitor program at the EASL conference PresentPresidio Pharmaceuticals announced that Dr. Richard Colonno, the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, will data on its data on its hepatitis C virus NS5A inhibitor program at the 44th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver in Copenhagen, Denmark (April 22-26, Colonno presents new data on several series of potent NS5A inhibitor in a poster entitled Identification and Profile of potent and selective inhibitors of the HCV NS5A protein – Poster# 875, Saturday 25 April 2009..The basis of this program is for to the APAs Standards of Care on major depression related HEIDI measure for antidepressant drugs management, and several other, is based peer-reviewed articles.

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