Spirus Medical med drugs.

Spirus Medical, in Stoughton, Massachusetts headquarters was incubated and founded in 2005 by STD Med, a Stoughton-based manufacturer and developer of medical technologies med drugs . Besides Spirus, other companies that began at STD Med Angiolink Corporation, Arthrosurface Incorporated and Cardio Solutions.

Spirus Medical is aiming Endo Endo-Ease line of devices GI endoscopy. A patented spiral ‘over – tube’promotes faster, easier development of an endoscope to examine the doctors better and helps treat upper and lower GI disorders. Khaled enteroscopy allows quick access small intestine the physician the physician ‘s ability to diagnose and treat immediately, instead of the patient again. For a second endoscopic and / or surgical intervention.

Abilify to the for the present approved indications.Further information about the withdrawal of Abilify will be provided a issue – and-answer document. This document, letter from the company letter from the company, the Agency website at the Agency’s website from time to time.

In view of Global Health Partner is starts collaboration with Eira Hospital at Helsinki. Eira Hospital is a private the hospital, open in the year 1905, by hospital services including the Orthopaedics, eye surgery and plastic surgery. Patients suffering from adiposity was first in September in September and said first operation is now made. The focus lies in the private market this price price for an gastric bypass method varies between ca.000 and 12,500.