Sylvain Baize.

The genome was amplified in overlapping fragments with the use of EBOV-specific primers. The fragments had been sequenced from both ends with the use of conventional Sanger techniques. The sequence of the contigs was verified by visual inspection of the electropherograms. Cells and supernatant were passaged many times. Electron Microscopy Specimens from two sufferers were prepared for electron microscopy by using a conventional negative-staining procedure. In short, a drop of 1 1:10 diluted serum was adsorbed to a glow-discharged carbon-coated copper grid and stained with freshly prepared 1 percent phosphotungstic acid . Images were taken at space temperature with the use of a Tecnai Spirit electron microscope equipped with a Laboratory6 filament and managed at an acceleration voltage of 80 kV.But the technology shall support and improve health care only when it evolves in ways that help, rather than hinder, us in synthesizing, analyzing, thinking critically, and informing the whole stories of our patients.

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