That was only slightly less than in 2012.

$64 million in bribes paid to UK doctors last year by drug companies Fresh data that once again highlights the incestuous relationship between Big Pharma and the medical industry indicate that British doctors were paid some $64 million by drug makers, that was only slightly less than in 2012. According to Reuters, such industry payments to physicians attended under scrutiny following several scandals involving drug product sales practices increasingly, most notably in the United States, as well as concerns that such close ties place commercial interests of drug makers ahead of what is best for patients disfunción eréctil . As noted by Reuters: The amount, announced by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Sector on Thursday, was slightly down on the 2012 degree of 40 million pounds [about $66.9 million].

The study was published online Aug. 5 in the journal Menopause. Smoking worsens the consequences of estrogen deficiency in women who go through menopause in a younger age group, the researchers explained. The team, led by Andrea Bellavia from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, also discovered that women with afterwards menopause were more likely to become nonsmokers and to use hormone therapy. While study wasn’t made to prove cause and impact, it ‘provides credible evidence that women can proactively work to delay menopause through various life style choices such as stopping smoking,’ Dr. Wulf Utian, medical director of the North American Menopause Society, stated in a journal news release.