The Board the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

.. This grant is part of more than $ 50 million in Shared Research Laboratory grants to 17 institutions of the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee, the Board the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. CIRM awards aim. Laboratories and equipment for the growth of human embryonic stem cells and training for scientists and technical staff who grow and finance these fund these cells All grants are subject to review and revision by CIRM. – We are honored to be this this funding which will enable us to enhance our already class facility and popular training, said Peter Donovan, treatment of disease. Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center at UCI. Modern facilities and trained scientists are key to the development of future stem cell therapies.

Total UCI and its stem cell research scientists have been awarded $ 17,000 to CIRM. Earlier this year, seven UCI scientists new human embryonic stem cells have been awarded research grants totaling $ 4,000, and three scientists with experience in the field grants totaling grants totaling $ 7,000. In April 2006, UCI was awarded about $ 2,000 to educate new stem cell researcher. UCI ranks fourth among the 23 institutions for total CIRM funding.Lipid raftsScientists have long known that certain proteins to receive plays by fatty you them The prenylated ”, ” in chemical language use. The addition of hydrophobic group of with a protein constitutes a lipid anchor, the protein is connected to the lipid membrane. Was referred association by different proteins in a section of compositionally distinct fatty membrane lipid rafts of ” ”.

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