The company said users rose to 955 million euros over the quarterly reporting.

And Australia and higher in developing markets such as Indonesia and Turkey, said the company. – We are constantly looking our ability to our ability to make duplicate estimate the total number estimate the total number of such accounts to improve, and such estimates improvements or changes to modifications or improvements to our methodology. .. In total, the company said users rose to 955 million euros over the quarterly reporting, but nearly one in nine are fake. In its filing with the SEC, our methodology. Is inherent challenges in the identification of legitimate use and and despite our efforts to suppress such behavior.

Shareholders, by the way, are steadily losing money since the social – public.’We have to generate a substantial majority of our advertising revenue,’Facebook said in its filing. ‘The loss of advertising customers or reduction in spending by advertisers with Facebook, could seriously harm our business.’ – Rory Cellan – Jones, a technology correspondent for the BBC wrote, in relation to the amount of fake accounts on Facebook, ‘A number of advertisers have been demanding Facebook to prove that the clicks receive receive on their ads ‘ are real ‘ – these numbers they will be supplied with additional ammunition..Bartoletti.

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