The dangers of vaccines.

A former Wikipedia executive told Natural News that Jimmy Wales believes in Hardcore atheism, a commitment to scientism and a deep disdain for humanity. 10) The Wikipedia extortion racket is certainly a reflection of the total lack of ethics practiced by Jimmy Wales himselfWikipedia editors have been caught red-handed owning a blackmail extortion racket. The Wikipedia mafioso threatened smaller businesses to either spend up or have their reputations smeared on Wikipedia.Compared to nondrinkers, regular drinkers were over 13 times much more likely to report that their alcohol use has resulted in unsafe traveling. Marijuana users, compared to nonusers, were 3 x more likely to report unsafe driving as a direct result of use, he noted. Not really unexpectedly, we discovered that the bigger the frequency useful [of pot] or alcohol, the higher the risk of reporting a detrimental outcome, Palamar added. Among individuals who stated they regretted past activities, the likelihood of regret was higher among regular drinkers than among those who used marijuana, he said.