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The fifteen people with very high levels of fat in the liver had the same degree of insulin resistance as fourteen, the fatty liver no. – A number of important investigators around the world have been arguing that fat in the liver is an extremely important factor for insulin resistance, perhaps the most important, at least in this context, we have shown that this is is not the case. Type Type 2 diabetes, In our study, insulin resistant and your insulin-producing cells did not compensate for insulin resistance alone will not give you diabetes .

An insulin resistant liver produces unwanted glucose, while insulin resistant muscle can not absorb it from the blood, which. Too high content of sugar in the blood Contrary to all expectations, find find no significant insulin resistance in the liver of patients in the study, half of them suffered from a strain of Hepatitis C accumulate accumulate about three times the normal amount of , said Professor liver, said Professor Chisholm.

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