The LANCET has published online an evaluation of UNICEF.

This rights-based approach to the future of kids fits well with the zeitgeist of international development plan. But a preoccupation with rights ignores the actual fact that children will have no opportunity for advancement at all unless they survive. The vocabulary of rights means small to a young child stillborn, a child dying in pain from pneumonia, or a young child desiccated by famine. The most fundamental correct of all is the right to survive. Kid survival must sit at the core of UNICEF’s advocacy and country work. Currently, and shamefully, it does not.’ The prior three executive directors-notably Bellamy’s predecessor, James Grant-placed kid survival at the center of UNICEF’s function, making the company the most respected area of the UN.Though the group simultaneously called for premarket security assessments of GM foods, it unilaterally denied the need for honest meals labeling or any sort of differentiation between bioengineered foods and natural foods. The announcement offers confounded many, like the mainstream media even, as it contradictorily admits that GMOs have to be tested as a preventive measure to guarantee the health of the public, and at the same time denies that GMOs will vary from non-GMOs. If anything, the AMA’s duplicitous placement is a pathetic try to play both sides of the problem at the same time, which means it actually works with the continued betrayal and deceit by the biotechnology sector against Americans.