The leaflet will be a political document.

Warned warned against products to measure radiation density and to shield against electromagnetic radiation from GSM and 3G – antennas, DECT phones, Wi-Fi wireless networks etcetera. The measurements are not discouraged. There should be no correlation between the symptoms and following diseases and disabilities are made. The public should be reminded that only ionisating radiation, X-rays and radioactive radiation is, to be able to compromise food safety. Asbestos, take seriously the reports of the citizens, a warning shot across the bows.. The leaflet will be a political document, although it says ‘Fact Sheet’. There is information for the general public, the medical world and the governments.

Although it is clear that act Tabebuia extract can inhibit the absorption of dietary fat, have not scientists the exact compounds in , says Dr. That are responsible for identifying the effects. The actual substances involved are probably more active than the extract, says Dr. We are currently in the process of identification these compounds, and then long-term safety test and efficiacy in miniature pigs whose physiology is closer to that of humans than rat physiology is.‘As HIV-positive patients will be living longer, are large studies such as for to play a vital role in the identification of treatment strategies for long-term success antiretroviral therapy into heavily pretreated patients. ‘.. New data from a 96-week combined analysis of RESIST-1 and RESIST-2 in that Aptivus Summary? offers a superior and permanent response to therapy into heavily pretreated patients with ritonavir , combination antiretroviral combination antiretroviral therapy. Those data were collected on of the 46th Interscience Conference on Antimicrob Agents and Chemotherapy San Francisco, California, unveiled. Treatment-experienced patients still respond to Aptivus after two years therapeutic in the RESIST trials, ‘said Margaret Johnson, Clinical Director, HIV / AIDS Services, the Royal Free Hospital, Kingdom.

You an important basis for achieve the UN Millennium Development Goal stop and reversing epidemic by 2015. For instance is one the goals that until the end of of the year, 2005, the HIV prevalence young men and women aged from 15 to 24 in the most affected countries, at least 25 percent less than in 2001. The reality that young people to the half of all new HIV infections worldwide continues, and often lack access to life-saving prevention services.

– From U.S. $ 2 billion in 2001 to is estimated U.S. $ 8 billion in 2005, funds for AIDS into developing countries has also been a dramatic increase. However resource still missing, what is necessary in order actual to turn back epidemic of.