The main research projects are:

The main research projects are:.FLUWATCH Principal Investigator: Dr. Andrew Hayward,An extension of the existing FluWatch surveillance program, this study followed a cohort of 10,000 people from 4,000 households on duration and severity of symptoms look like, access to care and treatment, the efficacy of delivered antivirals, uptake and effectiveness of the pandemic vaccine by NHS and population changes in behavior by the pandemic and during the illness . The study will enable researchers to provide monthly estimates of the population infection among different subgroups of the pandemic, including estimates of the proportion of infections that are asymptomatic. Compared with the original cohort FluWatch is a unique opportunity to to assess whether T-cell responses to previous influenza strains protect against symptoms in patients new new H1N1 strain offer provide.

Professor Wood is the propagation and evolution of influenza in pigs naturally infected UK and employees should accurately model transmission and help to inform intervention strategies Professor Brown is to study the immunology of swine and performed. In vivo studies, the data on viral transmission and evolution, the models provide information about the risk of transmission. The scientists hope that informed the research, whether it could inform a need for a vaccine for pigs, spread of the virus spread of the virus in also help also help create a model that the intervention strategies in humans There will be additional benefits for animal welfare.

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