The mice benefits in both groups Dermytol their treatments.

The mice benefits in both groups Dermytol their treatments. Compared to controls, the orally treated mice showed an average decrease in tumor size by about 45 %. The mice the topical treatment the topical treatment even a 61 % decrease in tumor volume.

###About KGK Synergize Inc:KGK Synergize provides contract research services to the health nutrition, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, analytical chemistry, in vitro assays, clinical in vivo models, toxicology and studies in humans are.‘.. Called the ultrasound: The European debut in the new system by Siemens Acuson S2000.

‘We believe that which ARFI and silicon technologies has changed An ultrasonic imaging as comprehensive as Doppler imaging, in its time,’says Klaus Hamb Chen, Chief Executive Officer, Ultrasound business unit is? ‘The Acuson S2000 combines innovative technology, most modern clinical application and very modern ergonomic design in a single system. The same time that premium platform which is have a lasting influence on further development and meaning of ultrasound.