The researchers efficacy and safety efficacy and safety of the technique in animals first.

The researchers efficacy and safety efficacy and safety of the technique in animals first, with the goal of finally drew the research to humans. – This grant our cells in Dr. Roper lab exquisite epilepsy models can be used, and to learn how to mobilize a patient ‘s own population of these cells, their own epilepsy to truly personalized truly personalized neuroregenerative medicine, Steindler said.

UF Researchers Get $ 250,000 To Cell-Based Epilepsy Treatment StudyUniversity of Florida $ 250,000 $ 250,000 an inventive an inventive cell – transfer therapy cortical dysplasia, a condition in which the brain develops abnormally study before the birth, resulting in severe epilepsy in children and adults.Worker with a soft handsexplorer at University of Bergen, Norway, were the first observe the features of from zonase to early 1980s. 2700 is with a with Professor Bernt Walther in the lead. The enzyme is find in fish roes and used to support fry to escape the egg. – Like many time before happened: an accidental discovery in daily leads to a new products. Of the starting point was hatcheries in a salmon farm. Throughout the day, the workers had. Their hands in the cold sea water, handling the salmon fry Normally, such activities up red to red and chapped skin. But those who worked with salmon fry had a surprise soft and supple skin. The Bergen researchers investigated to the case and found the enzyme is zonase be the reason.

Haug has examined food supplements. Special features may be exploited. For example, fish collagen is the unrivaled ability bind water with a mixture of of water and oils. Sooner took such mixtures, a stabilizer, to they must be kept out of the separation. Haug Used a method of use fish collagen to do the job.

Has examined cream with ingredients from seafood of psoriasis and eczema.

But enzyme need watering know how to. For typical creams, the wet evapourates short time after the application on the skin. To challenge for the manufacturers is to provide find a new and better method water water to the cream. Ingvild Haug is an expert at fish collagen ..