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Postmenopausal women with breast cancer were particularly at risk of moderate to heavy drinking women as overweight and obese. ACS Even a couple of glasses of wine or cocktails a week increase the risk of recurrence in breast cancer survivors, the researchers found.

General Motors and Chrysler both proposed their planned contributions to the VEBA as part of applications for financial aid, which they presented to Congress on Tuesday to delay. Have a chance to to contribute about $ 7 billion to the VEBA in early 2013 (Silke Carty, USA Today.Florida a member of 3RNet is a shared web Directory (identify nationwide health care practitioners health care practitioners rural and underserved communities Florida There will also enable non-profit organizations how circular health departments, community health centers, hospitals and others who searching for doctors. For you to publish dentists, nurses, mental health, EMS and allied health professionals information on specific job opportunities to one central location.

Assists states by the recruitment of health workers for the rural and undeveloped areas.. Florida 3RNet membership in is determined by the DOH Office of Rural Health, recruitment &sibilities include promoting the situation and shift sponsored by health practitioner in rural areas. The Office of the Rural Health will develop in collaboration with DOH Office of Health Professional Recruitment its staff and to maintain of Florida side of on the site 3RNet to work. Florida website is in development and will probably complete activated of October. DOH promoting , protects and improves the health of all humans in Florida For more information about the Office of Rural Health and the Office of the Health Professional Recruitment.

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