The results highlight the reducing the negative impact reducing the negative effects of excess fat flovent.

the results highlight the reducing the negative impact reducing the negative effects of excess fat, if we can prevent or delay diabetes want, Xiang notes. the bad effects could be reduced by weight loss, or at least the prevention of weight gain, and by creating a better hormonal pattern from fat cells. flovent .

The results of the study were as an oral presentation on Monday, June at the American Diabetes Association 68th meeting Scientific Sessions presented in San Francisco. We know that people with type 2 diabetes in young Hispanic women when pancreatic beta cells, sugar levels to make insulin to regulate blood sugar levels, progressive not over time in people who are obese resistant to resistant to the insulin their bodies occur, says Anny Xiang, associate professor in the department of preventive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and the lead author of of the study. In this study, we opted for the factors that might contribute to the defective beta-cell function in a cohort of women who we followed with detailed metabolic measurements over 5 years. Beta-cell The study examined 60 women who had oral and intravenous glucose tolerance tests 15-30 months after birth, the results demonstrated that seemed the weight gain adversely affect beta cell function. In two respects worsened insulin resistance, the increased demands on beta cells insulin insulin, and it led to changes in some hormones from fat cells, the beta cells can be damaged, she says.

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