The results should add clarity to the perceived health risk prehypertension.

The results should add clarity to the perceived health risk prehypertension, said Ovbiagele. ‘prehypertension is controversial since its inception, with occasional accusations that it would not be used to diagnose sick people, but healthy people whose blood pressure was compared to the upper reaches of normal as unhealthy mark, without compelling reason. Others complained that the new name would be needlessly put people to the blood pressure – reducing drugs Over the years,nefit of pharmaceutical companies. ‘.

But we need more tools for diagnosing prehypertension. We need to learn more so that we adapt to risks and therapies. Hopefully lead this study to be more research .

About Kimball Genetics,Founded in 1994 by Annette K. Kimball Genetics DNA DNA diagnostic laboratory in Denver, CO and specializes in testing for common genetic disorders are preventable or can be treated. Known important for its unparalleled turnaround time and distinctive focus on genetic counseling and education, the company’s areas of testing currently include inherited hypercoagulability, celiac disease, hemochromatosis, cystic fibrosis and fragile X syndrome.In its paper, Lam and colleagues Reports that they Already a LLP2A succeed interests image lymphatic tumors in living mice. Researchers is coupled near IR fluorescent dye to LLP2A peptides , and if the dyestuff -labeled peptides been found and locked in to a tumor, the tumor was XING to near infrared scanner.

Contacts: Morain Morain University of California.. UC Davis Cancer Center researchers peptide which binds peptide that binds to the surface of of leukemia and lymphoma cell with extremely high affinity, specificity and stability and shows remarkable promise of as a a tool for help picture tumors and supply anti-cancer drugs. The research at in of the July issue from Nature Chemical Biology.

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