The second study paints a similar picture in Germany.

Weekend births were consistently less frequent, with an average of 15 % fewer births on weekends than expected.These studies suggest that environmental factors gave way by social rhythms. Natural periods of labor and deliveries are often not in line with the working hours of hospitals, where the majority of deliveries are now. In fact the natural, non-induced labor market is known to occur in women, during the night hours climax.. The second study paints a similar picture in Germany, in all 16 states.

However, it is convenient and practical, births at times when the hospitals fully operational, ie weekday during the day to plan working hours. Weekend work is also more expensive. In Germany, for example, public sector workers are 25 % more 25 % more for Sunday work. And in Switzerland, caesarean sections are almost twice as much as vaginal births.2 to versus angiogram for Guidings Percutaneous Coronary on Pim AL Tonino, et al written to the FAME trial Investigators, N Engl J Med 360:213, January 2009.

To date, coronary is a standard method for guiding the placement of a stent of patients with coronary disease are undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention . However, the landmark FAME2 reports survey of the benefits to the evaluate on the FFR, 12-month dimension coronary resonance angiography besides, for enhance the results of the PCIs.

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