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Three years ago researchers at the Intermountain INFIRMARY Heart Institute found that sufferers with atrial fibrillation had been at higher risk for developing dementia, however the reason behind that association – the link between anticoagulation dementia and medication – was unknown. ‘Most patients who develop atrial fibrillation require the use of an anticoagulant to avoid a stroke. The most common anticoagulant used world-wide is warfarin, and we now understand that if warfarin dosages are consistently too much or too low, one of the long-term consequences could be brain harm,’ said Jared Bunch, MD, lead author and director of electrophysiology analysis at the Intermountain INFIRMARY Heart Institute. ‘This factors to the possibility that dementia in atrial fibrillation patients is partly due to little repetitive clots and/or bleeds in the brain.’ Outcomes from the Intermountain INFIRMARY Heart Institute research were collected from 2,693 patients, with 4.1 % of these being identified as having dementia.‘Flexeon's vision has been to expand our model in a national scale constantly. Offering our practice and joining ATI Physical Therapy allows us to accelerate that vision, while leveraging ATI's national footprint, proprietary operating systems and resources,’ said Joseph LaPorta, President & CEO of Flexeon. ‘We believe this is a fantastic decision for our sufferers, shareholders and employees at the right time in our growth trajectory.’.

Addiction – 3 not so well known causes Addictions affect millions of people in the United Sates, and substitute medicine believes conventional medicine fails at treatment, as they do not recognize the genetic and biochemical imbalances that research has shown to be in the centre of addiction.