These blockages can result in a series of mini heart attack.

These blockages can result in a series of mini – heart attack, but that it is too small to determine the time in aggregate cause significant long-term damage to the heart muscle and disability to the patient. During cardiologist can restore the blood flow, in some cases, the heart muscle be irreversibly damaged , resulting in significant disability, progressive heart failure, and often death what.

– ‘The initial results from Phase I of the study were encouraging, ‘Raval says, ‘subjects reported feeling better with reductions in chest pain and improved exercise capacity during the early phase of the study, This is encouraging for us. ‘. In the U.S. The most common form of heart disease and is the leading cause of death in the U.S. This condition occurs when the coronary arteries and the smaller vessels that supply oxygen-rich blood narrows to the heart muscle or blocked by plaque buildup and blood clots Poor circulation and ‘ ‘starve ‘and injure the heart muscle.

Myocardial ischaemia hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of people affected, cell. Serious heart disease, the narrowing of the coronary blood vessels and leads to a limited blood flow to the heart.Note that noted that the research noted that the scalp and neck melanomas was the worst prognosis as melanoma had found on the face, a more favorable one. The reasons for the differences in the prognosis do not replied by of the study and the researchers now call for other studies.. What interpretations did the scientists draw from these results?

This messages coming made NHS Choices ‘of skin cancer on scalp or in the neck more deadly than elsewhere on the body, a large study has suggested,’reports BBC News. Daily Telegraph also describes the results a new study prognosis the prognosis of patients who have developed a malignant melanoma to the scalp or neck.

This research team was led by Constantine Muntz, CEO from 21st Century Oncology, among the first medical organizations of in the nation at that novel and improved approach in the breast brachytherapy, a radiation treatment from the interior from the inside of the chest guided offering. , said Dr. A single as a scientific poster the annual meeting the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology , supported 21 to 25 September are introduced in Boston.

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