This agreement contains important patient safety proposals.

Here in St same spirit here at St. ‘.. The announcement comes on the heels of negotiated a groundbreaking contract for thousands of Southern California CHW RNs NNOC / CNA. This agreement contains important patient safety proposals, including the State as mandated nurse – to-patient ratio as well as nationally significant language that do not limit the use of the new technology the RNs in the exercise of their clinical judgment. CHW in California also agreed rules to improve their ability to attract and retain nurses, such as improved security of the pension, no health care food stalls and the protection of the nurse union rights in the face of the Bush NLRB decisions regressive.

Prematurity and low birth weight are often associated with health problems in the mother, such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity. Many experts now believe, because the first few weeks after conception critical development of a baby are coming traditional prenatal care, which usually begins in the first three months of pregnancy, too late many serious many serious maternal and child. The way to ensure Bothrtality is their fall back to ensure that all women have insurance and access to primary care. If we are of all of all women aged 15-44 and lead earlier interventions for people with chronic diseases and risks, we will also see better birth outcomes.

Diane Foxen, chose to leave St. Mary’s five years ago to work in a California hospital, and says:’Every nurse should have the possibility in in supporting patient care environment, CNA that in California.‘depression is to construct a common trait like height and body, as well as those we suspect it are lots of Generated participate by measuring most important possible factors that can lead to tendency to depression across a large number of individual. We hoping to find out that those who action cause depression. Cause depression. Ultimately this will help us in developing new methods of prevention and treat this disease. ‘.

Depression is frequent disease 1000 volunteers in her life and is twice as common in female as in men. 10-20 percent of the the population Treatment can be highly effective but it can not help everyone. The causes of depression are a blend of genetic tendency, personality of factors, difficult conditions and have life experiences, and the great challenge of will be try to understand like this are working together to lead to depression. . To engage For additional information or to attend the project, post mortem that website at:.

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