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However, the content of this type of course is to make sure not to the individual or immediate needs of professionals and their cost needs to be established. Created in 1998, using an interactive Orthochina.org case-based format and is structured using the wiki concept, more than 2,000 is jointly created by users through a web browser. Information is posted in Chinese and English, edited, and deleted by carefully selected participants by its by its academic orthopedic users. Ten years later, the site offers almost 34,000 users and has more than 6,000 visitors and more than 2,000 posts per month..

Discussions between participants take place anywhere and any time, give suggestions for the diagnosis and treatment. Several comments help the surgeon, complex case complex case, and seeks advice them them in order to make an informed decision about his treatment plan. – The authors believe that surgeon-to – surgeon communication is the most important, is the easiest, most likely in relation to clinical practice and cost effective method of patient-problem – oriented medical education. Can work together through the use of the Internet, orthopedic surgeons from different backgrounds and geographical locations their their quality of care, can something workshops and meetings, in such a in such a tailored and timely manner..This study was developed by the Helsinki University Central Hospital, the Finnish Medical Foundation, to the Finnish Brain Foundation and the Emil Aaltonen Foundation is supporting.


Yet, well as after President Obama speech to Congress health systems that says the public option was an ideological an ideological litmus test of that deflect attention away from crafting the very core of healthcare reform. – We not have the big question, which ultimately determine if the struggle has paid off is under way – whether the reform of can really live up to its promise, he says.. New research shows cholesterol lowering drugs like statins are known , can help prevent future stroke with young people already have a stroke. Study be the 2nd August 2014, print issue of neurologists, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology released. ‘There may be the cause of stroke in young people be hard to recognize, cholesterol-lowering do not not many times prevent any further prevent further strokes or vascular problems,’said study author Jukka Putaala, using the Helsinki University Central Hospital in Helsinki, Finland.