What does the NHS Knowledge Service make of this study?

What does the NHS Knowledge Service make of this study?This research suggests how symmetrical a face, as female or male, it is to be linked than his. However the researchers say that the measurements they took have not captured fully sexual dimorphism and symmetry. – This research has not investigated or suggested that increased facial symmetry , or beauty, to future generations. How the telegraph to better genes is linked asymmetry asymmetry to less favorable genes. These are theories of evolution, which has previously been proposed, mainly in relation to the animal counterpart patterns and such , which can be as beneficial properties have been passed on to future generations.

Little AC, Jones BC, Waitt C, PLoS ONE 2008, 3 : E2106This news comes from NHS Choicesbeauty is an indication of good genes, reports The Daily Telegraph. research conducted across cultures and species , has found that not only symmetrical faces regarded as attractive, but they also have good genes McMaster University, Canadalong life.

The researchers collected photos of 177 European men and 318 European women, who asked for their reception with a neutral expression, ie a relaxed, unsmiling face. They were all British students aged 17 to 29 African images were of the Hadza people and were taken outdoors.The government to the World obstetric in 2014 revealed new data confirm a significant gap between of the number of midwives practicing and that save lives. Save lives.

The report includes a number from of recommendations for governments, regulatory agencies, educational institutions, professional associations and international organizations, the funds would help to those problems and reinforce the state of the midwife in the 58 countries studied. .