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They could show that only newly produced proteins were heavier. Ck – fine-tuning of protein levels of thousands of genes.. With a trick, the MDC researchers were able for the first time able changes in protein changes in protein production after artificially changing the activity of certain miRNAs. They labeled amino acids with a stable, non – radioactive isotope and him together with miRNA in cell culture. This allowed them to distinguish labeled proteins in the mass spectrometer.

Using a novel experimental approach of doctoral Bj rn performed Schwanh Usser and Nadine Thierfelder, the MDC researchers were quantified for the first time able to protein synthesis for thousands of different human proteins. Together with extensive computational analyzes, they were able to and quantify and quantify of a cell. Of specific miRNAs on target protein synthesis.

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Dr. Alberta Cognitive Neuroscience Group, which bring together researchers by University of Alberta to investigate brain areas in the human mind , including issues such as perception, attention, memory, language, decision-making, emotion and development of is working. We did not understand how to give your brain senior citizens this feeling of perspective work so far. .. This research can clinical Implications If we to better understand how the brain on a positivity bias in older people works creating , then we can understood by this a better knowledge and treat matters of mental health with a negativity bias how depression and anxiety disorders, where the patients have difficulty in handling emotions challenging situations, Dolcos said.

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